Purpose: To support students with consistent mentorship, culturalunderstanding, andstrategies on how to get to college.

The League of United Latin American Citizens Council #2060 is proud to have been selected in 10 councils for the 2015 Ford Driving Dreams Through Education grant initiative. We’ll be working with Stockton Unified School District Edison High School and University of the Pacific Latino Community Outreach Program to help motivate and provide support systems for students to achieve on- time high school graduation.

For more information about this program please contact Dr. Ines Ruiz.


Students will receive:

  • Mentoring by Universityof the Pacific Students
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Conferences
  • Community Service
  • College Readiness
  • College Visits
  • Workforce Development
  • Cultural Understanding
  • Parent Empowerment
  • Workshops 

Parents know that their child’s school is doing the best it can, but we just have a little niggling doubt, is your child getting all that he/she needs? This can be prompted by different things, or simply a sense that a child needs extra support to fulfill his or her potential. That is why we want to make Vamos con Todo Program accessible to you and your child at his or her school. We will provide your child with qualified current University of the Pacific student mentor Help your child excel in school and reach new heights.

Los padres saben que la escuela de sus estudiantes están haciendo todo lo posible para ayudar a los estudiantes, pero a veces tenemos la duda: su estudiante está recibiendo toda la ayuda que necesita? Esta duda puede crearse por muchas diferentes razones o a veces uno solamente siente que el estudiante ocupa más apoyo para alcanzar sus metas. Por esta razón queremos que servicios del program Vamos con Todo sea accesible para usted y para su hijo/a en su propia escuela. Le daremos a su estudiante la ayuda de estudiantes calificados de la University of the Pacific a no costo para su familia. ¡Ayude a su hijo/a triunfar en la escuela y a alcanzar nuevas alturas!

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Purpose: To promote the student learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and create career pathways in aviation and aerospace industries to the students of San Joaquin county.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly? Ever thought about how aircraft operate? What does it takes to keep something up in the air and why? How do you get a pilots licence and what career pathways are there in aviation and aerospace industry?

Youth Eagles Aviation and Aerospace Education is where you start. Serving the greater San Joaquin County, we are dedicated to working with our youth and making the theory of flight a reality.

Check us out and see what you can do…

Video: Youth Eagles Aviation
Jóvenes Águila, Una Iniciativa Que Surca Los Cielos de Stockston

En Stockton se lleva a cabo un programa llamado “Jóvenes Águila” una iniciativa que busca dar conocimientos básicos de aviación e ingeniería a jóvenes de la región y ayudarlos así a cumplir sus sueños de volar por los cielos.

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